Interested in finding out more about our published research?

One thing I always intend to do is produce a summary of any research I am involved in after it has been published, so that anyone interested in the results of the work (including the participants that took part) can quickly and easily find out what the results show, and how that can be applied.

Of course I never get around to actually doing this… but fortunately other people have been doing this for me!

Thanks to GREO (Gambling Research Exchange Ontario) and BASIS  (The Brief Addiction Information Source) for discussing and reviewing our research publications!

Here are two summaries/reviews of our paper looking at craving in Gambling disorder:

The WAGER, Vol. 22(12) – Mind or matter: Is gambling craving biologically based?

Brain activities and craving in response to gambling and non-gambling cues

Here is a summary of a paper I was involved in that investigated the illusion of control in a group of students. This is the tendency for people to overestimate the control that have when playing games of chance.

Illusion of control and sense of agency among undergraduate students

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