Media interviews



QED with Dr. B – Addiction and the brain – July 2021

CBC News Vancouver (video available) – 3rd January 2017
Global News Hour BC (video available) – 3rd January 2017
Fairchild TV – 3rd January 2017


CFax 1070 (audio available) – live interview on The Drive with Mark Brennae – 6th January 2017
Roundhouse Radio (audio available) – live interview on Sense of Place – 6th January 2017
Pulse FM (audio available) – live interview on the Kash Heed Show – 4th January 2017
News 1130 – 3rd January 2017

Print/web interviews:

Daily Mail (UK) – 10th October 2019
Vancouver Sun – 3rd January 2017
CTV– 9th October 2019
Metro News – 3rd January 2017
Roundhouse Radio – 3rd January 2017
Black Press – 3rd January 2017

Other public engagement activities:

Limbrick-Oldfield EH (2015). What are the chances? (Book review). Science 345(6202):1253-1253.

Speaker at Science 101, a barrier free science course for residents of the Downtown Eastside. Gambling in B.C. and the psychology of gambling. Vancouver. (2018)

Girls in STEAM workshop, mentor, Science World, Vancouver (2018)

‘Casino Scienza’ invited speaker at an event on the psychology of gambling. Edinburgh Science Festival (2014)

‘Mind Patterns and Brain Structures’ organiser and demonstrator – Cambridge Science Festival (2014)

Cheltenham Science Festival MRC stand – the brain (2010)

Speaker at the University of the Third Age seminar at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (2009)