Public engagement



CBC News Vancouver  (video available) – 3rd January 2017
Global News Hour BC (video available) – 3rd January 2017
Fairchild TV – 3rd January 2017


CFax 1070 (audio available) – live interview on The Drive with Mark Brennae – 6th January 2017
Roundhouse Radio (audio available) – live interview on Sense of Place – 6th January 2017
Pulse FM  (audio available)
– live interview on the Kash Heed Show – 4th January 2017
News 1130 – 3rd January 2017

Print/web interviews:

Vancouver Sun – 3rd January 2017
Metro News – 3rd January 2017
Roundhouse Radio – 3rd January 2017
Black Press – 3rd January 2017


Limbrick-Oldfield EH (2015). What are the chances?  (Book review). Science  345(6202):1253-1253.


‘Casino Scienza’ invited speaker at an event on the psychology of gambling. Edinburgh Science Festival (2014)

‘Mind Patterns and Brain Structures’ organiser and demonstrator – Cambridge Science Festival (2014)

Cheltenham Science Festival MRC stand – the brain (2010)

Speaker at the University of the Third Age seminar at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (2009)